Banana Ride in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah

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Ever had the thought how a banana could ride on a water? Yes, it is perfectly true, only the banana comes in the form of an unpowered boat which is driven by a powered boat. This banana-shaped boat is an inflatable, recreational boat that is towed by a watercraft. Different models can be seen in various water sports where 3 to 10 riders can be accommodated easily. The riders sit on a larger, main tube while resting their feet on two flanking tubes attached on either side of the main tube. The flanking tubes act as a stabilizer for the boat.

Fly Fish Water Sports calls all the intense action lovers but considers the collective and family water sports activities as equally important too. So our banana boat rides and trips in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah is all you need to have some fun time with your loved ones. This ride is specifically designed for families or group of friends looking to have a watery thrill together. Out boats are perfectly inflated and regularly maintained to ensure our customers have a smooth and comfortable ride across water.

You can avail our banana rides at just 100AED per person – 15min.