4 Items for Best Swim Safety Gear for Kids’ Water Activities in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah

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Various types of water activities safety equipment and gear is especially designed for kids to add an extra sheet of protection in their fun. When it comes to swimming or any other water sport, the protection from injury factor should be the utmost priority. So let’s study the guide below pertaining to the different types of gear you need to buy in order to provide reliable protection to your kids even in a highly secured and hygienic water sports park in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah.

  1. Goggles

A quality goggle will protect your eyes in order to present a clear underwater view, either the water is chlorinated or not. Most goggles are equipped with anti-fogging coat and a chemical spread inside the lenses that prevents the accumulation of condensation when in a swim, hence, clearing the vision of swimmer. Clear lenses are considered ideal for indoor swimming, while tinted lenses are best for outdoor waters and also offer UV protection.

The rubber and silicon edging applied around the borders of each eye acts as a watertight seal that prevents the water from oozing inside the goggles. Some children best feel comfortable wearing the swim mask type of goggle which tends to cover most of the face area when in water. Do see goggles are available in different shapes, sizes and styles, so acquire those which best fits your child’s facial aesthetics and makes him/her most comfortable.

  1. Nose Plugs

As the names suggests, nose plugs will prevent the water from entering in your kid’s nose. It will also protect the person from accidentally inhaling the water, hence saving oneself from the irritation and risks of infection induced from chlorinated water or the debris floating in open water. Same as with the purpose of goggles, the nose plugs wraps itself around the nose perfectly leaving no space for water to seep in. While some plugs come as clips that forces the nose shut.

  1. Earplugs

Ear plugs are mostly made of soft materials that take the shape of the ear canal when applied and keeps the water out of your child’s ears. The is an important gear as the swimmers are more prone to developing painful ear infections as compared to a non-swimmer, therefore, the plugs will help your kid in this regard. Take care of the fact that repeated occurring of ear infections can also lead to a permanent hearing loss.

Different types of materials used for earplugs manufacturing include wax, rubber, silicone, and foam. All the materials act in accord to a watertight seal to keep the water at bay. The simplest and most common way to apply ear plugs is to flatten them by rolling between the fingers and then inserting it into each ear. The plug will gradually attain its natural shape and fill the ear canal appropriately.

  1. Snorkels

A snorkel is an underwater breathing tool that helps children to view the underwater world peacefully without any hassle, especially in locations such as coral reefs that require additional safety measures. The tool will help your child to breathe while swimming just below the water surface. The tool consist of a mouthpiece attached to a J-shaped tube that protrude from the water above. Most snorkels are equipped with a purge valve—it clears the water from snorkel, and an aortic valve—it parts the exhaled air from the fresh one. Purge valves-equipped snorkels are especially preferred for children as they can easily clear the water from the tube. This valve is directed as one-way and is located at the bottom of the apparatus. If by somehow water tends to enter the tube, all your kid has to do is exhale the water in order to clear the tube via valve.