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Flyboard – What it’s Like to Drive and Fly Over water?

Flyboard is a new technique to feel as if you are flying overboard. Great fun for water sports enthusiasts. But what makes flyboard one of a kind jet ski? Besides from the fact that 90% of the propulsion comes out from the board attached to your feet, thus making you fly overboard. What’s more amazing to this whole idea is that you can easily navigate in whatever direction you choose to fly, depending upon the way you tilt or use your feet.

You won’t exactly get it right the first time but with just enough practice, you can earn your wings through your feet. Another amazing fact for the flyboard is that it can propel the user up to 18.5 MPH. One of the reasons why it is changing and developing new methods of water sports is that a user can be able to fly for about 15 to 20 minutes. We can advise you to get better with your flight precision. Use all your sensations to guide yourself and feel the freedom over the sea instead of swimming below it.

Experience the Thrills with New Method of Water Sports in Dubai

Using the flyboard is a new way to release the adrenaline rush inside of you. It is surely for those who are looking forward to that extreme combination level of splash and fly. With heart pumping rush, you will get a chance to unwind and make memories jetty fast. With this new kind of water sport equipment, you can have a reason to challenge yourself to push your limits. Flyboard is trending and becoming more and more popular among young adults, especially in Dubai where extreme water sports is differentiated from regular sports. Flyboard is a new kind of technique in water sports, being adapted by athletes who love to face off challenges of weather, height, wind and extreme environmental conditions.

Stimulate Your Adrenaline through Flyboarding

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Flyboarding is certainly for thrill seekers and adventure enthusiasts as you get to swim like a dolphin. So while you are flyboarding, it will provide you with benefits such as eliminating stress, maintaining blood circulation, building confidence and practicing flexibility. Therefore, those who want to try this sort of watersport activity by a flyboard; they must have a strong mental and physical ability to take control of themselves. Special assistance and training would be given by trained and experienced experts at the
Fly Fish Water Sports. So try out a new trend of water sports and synchronize flying, swimming and diving, all at the same time.