It’s Time to Take Your Gym to Fly Fish: Best Benefits to Grab from Water Activities

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Fly Fish—a top-notch and family water sports park is not only an entertainment center, but is also the playground for fitness freaks. We are heavily equipped with all the basic to extreme watersport rides and facilities. But let’s save the details of the rides for another day, do you know our park is in itself a gym that is able to provide you a better workout and results than your local gym? If not, then this a must-read for you in order to know the best benefits you can acquire by spending a day with us.

1. Swimming

The easiest and most common fact there is: swimming is a great exercise for cardio and muscle strength. You can easily burn around 300-900 calories/hour depending on your intensity and weight. In swimming, each of your body muscle comes into movement. Swimming underwater is a great health boost of your lungs and is strongly recommended for those suffering with heart and respiratory issues. The exercise acts on releasing stiff muscles and sore joints. This is specifically beneficial if you are overweight or prone to arthritis. Let the water carry your weight!

2. Kayaking

By the look of it, one would say it’s only the arms in action. But in reality the impact of this sport is much more than that. In kayaking, the strength is dug deep from the core muscles rather than the arms. The exercise may seem simple, but only a short ride is enough to make you feel the exhaustion of doing a hundred sit-ups. It also improves the focus of your mind as it tries to see where to paddle after the completion of each cycle.

3. Parasailing

This is one thrilling sport, but let’s get it real: a risky one as well. As for the benefits it has plenty to offer. Wandering through the air releases the tension and pressure built up in the body over a long time of no physical movement. Just like any other high-speed or extreme sport, the adrenaline rush produced helps you in getting out stress due to the pleasure intake of the wind caressing your skin and hair. The impact of negative ions in the salt-concentrated air on the free radicals of body is a well-done job to get rid of unhealthy toxins from the body.

4. Jet Ski

Another high-speed and one of the most popular water sports out there, it hugely concentrates on improving your balance and coordination skills. The improvement of such elements is vital for the mind to keep your composure intact and feet on-board. Besides that, the strengthening of arm and leg muscles does not come as a surprise along.

5. Wakeboarding

The flamboyant moves and freestyle associated with wakeboarding is well-known, but what about its health benefits? The benefits call for equal share of display too! The strengthening of arm and leg muscles, improved flexibility in hands and feet, better reaction times and flexibility, are only to name a few among other top benefits to acquire from this thrilling sport.


The fun and benefits does not end here. Our water activities in Dubai has much more in store for the customers and their families. So it’s time you pack your bags and spend a day at Fly Fish to go feeling all relaxed and healthy at the end of the day.