Parasailing in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah

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How about conquering the water high above the surface and feeling at the top of the world? Yes this wonder sport comes in the name of parasailing! This recreational kiting sport involves the person attached with a specially designed parachute which is towed with a watercraft. The parachute is connected to a motorboat which drives at speed and raises you high above the water. This is basically a fun activity and shouldn’t be mixed with paragliding.

Fly Fish Water Sports carefully ensures our customers are perfectly confident and comfortable before stepping in for this ride. Our parachutes and the protection equipment are applied with utmost quality to avoid even the tiniest discomfort for our customers. If you have never felt how it feels the coolest breeze caressing your skin and what it looks like to rise high above earth, then all we ask you is to try this sport surely.

Now avail this exciting parasailing ride at just AED 300/person – 15min.