Terms and Conditions

Terms And Condtions

Welcome to Fly Fish. By participating in our water sports and partner activities, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.


Acknowledgement of Risks

I acknowledge and fully understand that participating in water sports and partner activities carries inherent risks and dangers. These activities include JetSki, Donut Ride, Banana Ride, Zego Boat, Abra Trip, Kneeboarding, Stand Up Paddle, Single Kayak, Double Kayak, Parasailing, WaterSki, and Fly Boarding. Partner activities include Fishing Tours and Flying Tours. I agree to assume all risks of injury to myself and any potential loss or damage to my property resulting from these activities.

Medical Fitness

I certify that I am medically fit to participate in these activities and agree to adhere to all rules and stipulations specified by FlyFish.

Parental Permission

If I am under the age of 18, I confirm that I have obtained parental permission to participate in these activities and use the watercraft.

Swimming Competency and Life Jackets

I affirm that I am a competent swimmer and have received a life jacket from FlyFish. I am aware of and accept the risks associated with not using the life jacket. I agree not to hold FlyFish, any associated hotels in the UAE, or their employees liable for any claims or demands resulting from my participation in water sports activities.

Responsibility for Equipment

I accept responsibility for any losses or damages that may arise during my rental of water sports equipment, whether caused by myself, my family members, or any accompanying persons.

Responsibility for Others

I understand and accept responsibility for any other individuals who use or share the water sports equipment that I rent.

Use of Photographs

I agree that photographs may be taken during activities, which may be used by FlyFish for promotional or other purposes.

Damage to Jet Ski

Should any damage occur to the Jet Ski due to my actions or negligence, I agree to pay for the cost of repairs or replacement, plus an additional fee of 450 Dhs for each day the equipment is in the workshop.

Restricted Areas

Approaching the beaches and swimming areas of neighboring hotels is prohibited.

Redemption of FlyGuest Rewards

Customers may earn FlyGuest rewards points by participating in activities and making purchases through our app. These rewards points can be redeemed for discounts on future bookings.
If a customer uses FlyGuest rewards points to receive a discount on a booking and later cancels the booking, the redeemed rewards points cannot be refunded or returned to the customer’s account.
FlyFish reserves the right to deduct the equivalent value of the redeemed rewards points from any refund issued for canceled bookings.
Furthermore, FlyFish reserves the right to revoke any FlyGuest rewards points earned through the app in the event of a breach of terms and conditions or misuse of the rewards program.

Account Termination

FlyFish reserves the right to terminate any user account through our app for violations of these terms and conditions, including but not limited to fraudulent activities, misuse of the app, or breach of trust.

Compliance with UAE Regulations

I understand and agree to abide by all local laws, regulations, and guidelines governing water sports activities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This includes but is not limited to regulations regarding safety equipment, operating hours, designated water sport zones, and environmental protection measures.

Safety and Conduct

I agree to follow all safety instructions provided by FlyFish staff. This includes instructions on the proper use of equipment, adherence to safety signals, and maintaining a safe distance from other participants and vessels.

Prohibited Substances

I agree not to use or be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substances that could impair my ability to safely participate in water sports activities.

Emergency Procedures

I agree to promptly report any accidents, injuries, or equipment malfunctions to FlyFish staff and follow their emergency procedures.

Weather Conditions

I understand that water sports activities are subject to weather conditions. FlyFish reserves the right to cancel or reschedule activities in the event of adverse weather for safety reasons.

Cancellation of Activities

FlyFish reserves the right to cancel any activity without prior notice for any reason, including but not limited to safety concerns, weather conditions, or operational requirements.

Refund Deduction for Payment Processing Fees

You will receive the refund amount after deducting any applicable payment processing fees. This deduction covers the fees charged by payment processors for handling transactions. The deducted amount will be clearly communicated to you at the time of refund processing.
FlyFish reserves the right to deduct payment processing fees from any refund issued for cancelled bookings or other eligible refunds. This deduction ensures that the refund amount reflects the actual amount received by FlyFish after payment processing costs.

Non-Receipt of OTP for Transactions

You may not receive an OTP for online transactions if your card does not support 3D Secure. Transactions will still be securely processed. FlyFish recommends confirming your card’s security features with your issuer before payment.

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